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Dying your hair while pregnant yes or no?

I am in my third trimester and am getting so fed up with my hair i really want to dye it but i have read different things about it some say its perfectly safe and some say it dangerous, I know with my first i did dye my hair and had no side effects but i don't know...

Has anyone every dyed there hair while pregnant before? i know i haven't got long and i could just wait and if i have to i will but i really want to look as nice as i can when baby gets here rather then a mess as i know if i feel bad now it wont help me feel good after


  • I have dyed my hair as normal every 6 weeks ish as I would ordinarily pregnant or not! I have a dark red/brown hair now so just use a Live hair dye but when I was pregnant with my first I had bleached blonde hair so used to bleach my hair then she arrived safe and well! ????

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