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30 days late but negative hpt

Hi guys.. I am very confused as to what's happening with my period! My last af was the 3/6! Now it's the 23/7 and still nothing.. I've taken about 5 hpt and bfn's on all of them. Lower Back pain and booked in for a blood test on 1/08. I was wondering if I could be pregnant as I have never missed a period or been more than 2 days late!


  • I had this after coming of the pill I had a withdrawal bleed and totally missed a period was having pregnancy symptoms galore so waited it out to c if my period would come the month later it didn't so tested and had my bfp turns out I was pregnant for my first missed period just didn't show up. Fingers crossed hun I'm now 29 weeks pregnant hope it happens for you that way 2 image xxxx

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