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Should babies be banned from planes? What do you think?


We're all in a bit of a froth today after hearing that a journalist (and mum) has suggested that parents are 'selfish' for taking babies and young children on planes – because the noise they create stresses and annoys other passengers.

She's demanded that many flights should be child-free (with parents all lumped together on special family-only flights) or that there should be special sections of every flight that are child-free, so that adults can travel in peace.

What do you think?

Has she got a point? Should the child-free be able to fly without the noise of small children in their ears? Or not?

Do let us know what you think by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to hear your views.


  • Argh! this woman needs her head testing! I've been on both ends of the spectrum, before having kids, finding them annoying and noisy on flights, but you just accept that's the way it is - they're babies after all!

    Now i'm a parent, i've been the mum with the screaming baby, and al you can do is shrug and accept that kids aren't always in your control, and they do cry and get upset.

    Someone really needs to have a word in this womans silly ear!

  • Just imagine what would happen

     Ok it would be cool in the plane without any crying, shouting and all that baby stuff. But it would be the same if we would say no for example for old people in the taxi 
  • Hello.

    We wanted to update this thread because today we received a press release, saying that a new survey shows that, for 41% of Brits, having a baby or toddler on the same plane as them is the worst thing they can think of – worse than having to sit next to someone who smells, someone who's drinking too much, or anyone on a stag or hen party.

    In fact, 1 in 7 of the people surveyed said they'd like under-5s banned from planes altogether!

    Are you surprised/shocked by this?

    Please do come and share your views with us by adding a post to this thread.

  • then should we ban alchohol on flights too?. because drunken rowdy idiots are far worse. im a mum and my 2yr old son flew to mexico with not a peep yet a group of teenage girls were rowdy as hell. difference is you expect it of babies not at least 25% of most flights is families so woukd people want to pay more due to the flight seats not being fully sold due to families being unable to book.

  • As a Mum to five and a Nan to twelve I love children of all ages but I get completely why passengers would want Children/Babies in one section of a plane.

    I have always found it stressful trying to ensure my children are not disturbing other people so to be among other parents in the same position would make it easier.

    Not looking forward to my next plane journey in a few weeks to Australia to see my four of my grandchildren, nothing to do with the noise of babies just dreading that long journey but it will be worth it.

    I'm sure the noise of a baby crying or noisey children will make it seem even longer. It's not as though you can even try to help parents these days   because of knowing who you can trust with your precious children. 

  • We took our three children on our first flight last September.  Our (then) 11 month old slept the whole time on both journeys and we were met with many people saying what a great baby he is.  We just timed the flights around his feeds so he drank a bottle as we were taxiing and that was him sound asleep. My 7 and 10 year olds were also very well behaved.  The man in front of me was a nightmare though, constantly pushing his seat back, getting up and down every ten minutes and talking really loudly when others were trying to sleep.  its just a risk you take when travelling on any public transport, after all, it's for the PUBLIC.  If she feels that strongly then she should charter her own plane! 

  • I am shocked that there would be such a high amount of people who have said that travelling with a child would be there worst nightmare.  I think this country should be ashamed of itself.  We need to stop treating our young like second class citizens and realise that they have just as much right as anyone else to travel.  There are plenty of items nowadays that you can get to help keep toddlers amused on long journeys.  I wouldn't mind sitting in a separate area with my kids if it didnt affect the price but I do feel that putting all of the children together would just be even noiser as they'd find playmates haha! 

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