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Need Advice: Considering a Planned pregnancy during my degree?

Hi Ladies,

I am firsts semester into my Bachelor of Communications degree and my partner and I are considering falling pregnant during my studies as we would like to do it now rather than waiting for the end of my degree when I would then like to focus on my career and obviously climbing the ranks (I'm 27 now) and working hard in which case babies would have to go on the back burner for a while. 

My questions is has any one gotten pregnant and then continued and finished there degree after without taking a break?

I would study by distance learning and in my head I am thinking I could do it because all I will be focussed on at that time would be being mum and study. surely there would be enough time in the day for both? and placements in third year could be worked around. 

Im terrified that it could be a bad idea. But I really want this but i don't want to have to delay my degree either.

Any advice or anyones experiences of something similar would be greatly appreciated :)

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