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What age would/did you take your child for their first dentist appointment?


We've been sent through some interesting info from a dental company who surveyed 2000 parents, asking them at what age did their child first visit the dentist.

This made us wonder, what age did you take your child for their first dentist appointment? And did you take them because something was wrong, or just for a check up? If you’re yet to take your child to the dentist, do you plan on doing so soon, and how old will they be? We'll reveal the survey results later, but in the meantime please do let us know in the comments below!


  • I think I'll take mine as soon as he opens his mouth when I ask him to 😁 

  • I had a check up last week and I took my daughter along to register and have a check up too. She has her two bottom teeth (she's 8 months). There was no major reason for taking her and I knew ok but I was going anyway and want to.get her used to it. She can be a bit funny sometimes with new people but the dentist got massive smiles and lots of babbling. She happily sat on my knee and opened her mouth to let her put her mirror in to check her teeth and mouth so she was allowed to play with the mirror afterwards while we chatted. She was rather pleased with that! :-)

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