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Anyone watching Bake Off? Who's your favourite to win?


We just thought we'd see if there are any other Great British Bake Off fans out there?

(We might just be ever so slightly obsessed with it in the MFM office...)

We'd love to hear from you if you're a fan – and we'd love to know who you'd like to win this year.

Please do come and chat cakes and chocolate and Mary Berry's amazing jackets by adding a post to this thread...


  • How can you not watch it! Its wonderful! So i reckon Nadiya will pip the boys to the post - she needs a bit more confidence - don't think she knows how amazing she is, but Tamal's bakes are always so good!

    Can't tell you what bake off has done to me - i keep baking and eating everything i've made!

  • Nadya is defo my favourite - that Peacock was awesome! x

  • It HAS to be Tamal.


  • Haha fancypants! 

    You weren't even a teeny bit impressed by Ian's chocolate well, then?


  • Ahhh, i've not seen this weeks episode yet! Spoilers! (love that Tamal pic ^^^)

  • Oh sorry, Mrsg14... (blush)

  • @HelenMFM - if Tamal had made that well, it would've been perfect for the double entendre, but for Ian ... I'll take a raincheck

  • Anyone but Ian to win. His well involved pretty much zero baking and just had lots of waiting for chocolate to set!

  • Aw, Purple Star! Think of all those moulds Ian made. And the handle of the well TURNED and everything... (wonders why she's defending Ian when she's in the Tamal/Nadya camp)

  • Ooh I was initially liking Ian but gone right off him and his creations! had huge change of heart and now I don't mind either tamal or naydia to win!! The chocolate episode last night had me hunting through the cupboards! 🍫 

  • I agree that my favorite is either Naydia or Tamal, so hard for me to choose between the two

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