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'Hero dads': what do you think of it all?


We've noticed a new trend out there in social media land for pictures of dads doing lovely parenting stuff (like in the pics below) to quickly go viral with adoring #Herodad-type hashtags and general wild applause.

And we're wondering what you lovely lot think of it all.

Do you think it's lovely that dads are finally being feted for doing nice dad things – and that they've been for far too long just the butt of all those 'useless dad' jokes?

Or do you think it's a bit weird that dads, in particular, get all this praise for doing routine parenting stuff that all parents – mums and dads – do all the time?

We've a bit divided on this one in the MFM office. Do so please add a post to this thread and tell us what you think!


  • Oh please, they are one half of the parents, it's all very nice and all that, but hello! The dads were totally there when they made the baby, they should be doing these things anyway! (Not that my husband doesn't do these things, but he's not amazing at say taking the kids out on his own, unless it is to visit his parents!)

  • I think it's a big word. "Hero"...

    Yes, probably every dad is a hero in his children's eyes, but calling them heroes just because they get involved and look after their little ones... overreacted. 

    In other news, here's my son with his "hero" 😀image

  • Aw, that's such a lovely picture, Mirela!

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