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What’s the best bit of advice you could give a pregnant woman?

Hello everyone,

We were wondering if you'd like to share the best bit of advice you could give a pregnant woman?

Or maybe someone gave you awesome advice while you were pregnant?

Personally, I wished someone would have told me how much more painful bikini waxes are while pregnant (and the bleeding! Wince!), but it could be anything you like!

We’d love you to share those pearls of wisdom – by adding a post to this thread, please!



  • I wish someone would have told me how my intimate parts will look&feel like after birth lol. I was in shock and asked myself if it is going to get back to normal. Of course it did, but no one prepares you! Ladies, pack some natural aloe vera gel(will cool down&heal) and organic coconut oil (antibacterial & healing stuff) - worked wonders for me! Also, another advice would be not to buy too many baby clothes! For the first month I guarantee you will only need baby vests and sleepsuits. As they grow up and get stronger, you will feel more comfortable in dressing them up in two piece outfits.

    Also, pack in your hospital bag a few sizes of baby vests and sleepsuits: tiny baby, newborn and 0-3months. I only had newborn and he was swimming in them 😊 daddy had to go shopping that day for some tiny baby ones. 

    Please also take with you some barrier nappy cream. I was told to use cotton balls and water only and bless his little bum, he got a horrible nappy rash. The moment I started using a barrier cream - it worked over night! Go for a natural one (weleda and burts bees were wonderful on my baby's skin). 

    I also wish someone to have told me to take photos while pregnant even if I felt & looked horrible (suffered with HG) and also when the baby is born. You will treasure them!

    Enjoy your pregnancy!! Xxx

  • I would have a few pieces of advice.  First would be "be prepared to be incredibly hot" all the time. My friends who have never been pregnant said they did not know to expect that until sitting beside me in a vest, heat radiating from me while they are all in jumbers freezing!!

    Second piece "don't think once you reach 2nd trimester you will suddenly glow and be bursting with energy" I think people only say this to help you cope with getting through the 1st trimester, not realising how disappointed you will be when the energy/glowing switch doesn't suddenly come on!!!. For me (20 weeks) still as tired, if not more but with the added pressure of now thinking "why am I not bursting with energy?"  Don't give us false up article writers lol......

    Third piece "be prepared for things you read will happen later in the pregnancy to happen much earlier"  Examples, feeling breathless long before the baby is big enough to have squished up your lungs, feeling really full up after a small meal even though the baby herself only the size of a plum. Not being able to get comfortable in bed even though baby only the size of a mango!!!  Yes I have experienced all these things and I wish somewhere I had read "these things can happen even if it doesn't really make sense"

    But the best piece of advice "enjoy every second (even if a bit tough) of the little miracle that is growing inside you, getting ready for the day you finally get to meet and hold in your arms"

  • Can't really give too much advice atm as 14 + 2 with my first, my  advice is dealing with the first trimester best thing to do is to relax and not stress and worry too much as it doesn't do you any good. First six weeks of my pregnancy i got myself very down and depressed with stressing and worrying but i then gave myself a good talking to and feeling soo much better and happier for it. My husband always says you can't change what will happen, if it happens you deal with it then no point worrying beforehand. 

    Also for those suffering with morning sickness don't believe it when people say at 12 weeks its just goes (although some lucky women it does) , i was very excited for week 12 thinking it would be over but still being sick now with no sign of it going anywhere i have now since read, it will most likely be between 16 and 20 weeks it will stop.  

    But even still i am loving being pregnant it is the most amazing feeling knowing life is growing inside you and i can't wait to meet my little baby. 

  • Oh my I have lots gathered over the years - I should write a book! But the best bits....

    While pregnant ( and after delivery)be kind to yourself, if its a good day then great - grab it and run and if not then cuddling up in a douvet watching a box set won't hurt anyone either!

    Ignore birth stories...people will love to tell you the worst bits before the best, just to watch your face pale ! Trust your body to do what it's been designed to do, and the medical staff to step in IF needed. 

    The tmi one...maternity sanitary pads and disposable underwear are sold for a reason, after delivery is an uncomfortable, sometimes messy time for us prepared to shower (or use a bidet if the hosp room has one) after the loo for the first day or so as  peeing and wiping stings and the bleeding is heavy. ( I so wish I had been warned! The comment on a cooling gel is worth taking note of too )

    And for life with mom gave me the best advice ever...start as you mean to go on - if you don't want to allow a 5 year old to bounce on the sofa or swear they don't allow a toddler to do it, manners cost nothing and mean everything - teach please and thank you early ( or pees and ta!)

    Trust yourself - mothers intuition / instinct is a real thing...take time to learn to listen to yourself and trust yourself as everyone and the cat will give you their opinion on anything!

    Hope for the best plan for the worst  (especially toddlers - pack a mini first aid kit and spare trousers!)

    And enjoy it, as a mom of an (almost)18 yr old (and other children) I can say time flies..take photos of everything and make memories - they are so precious!

    Hope my ramblings help xx 

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