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hey soo here it is... i had the implant in when i was 15 and took out when i was 18 then one put back in straight away and had it took out this july i was 21 so over all i had it 6 years... i spotted for 2 days when i had it took out but had unprotected sex a week later... he told me he didn't ejaculate inside me but it is now October and i have only had 1 period that lasted only 4 days?!! it wasnt heavy or anything how long does it take to have a proper period after the implant... i did take 2 pregnancy tests around 2 weeks after the unprotected sex wich was both negative but im really starting to worry if something is medically wrong with me...or wether i could be pregnant??


  • Hi 😊 

    My mum had it for a while and it took her a few months to get a proper period after taking it out. If you have great concerns, see your GP (or ask for a telephone consultation with them if you do not want to go there; most GPs do that now). There is also a Sexual Health Clinic usually available. Google it to see if there is one where you live. 

    Best wishes xx

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