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Hi don't know if anyone is able to help me. I am around 11 weeks pregnant however have not been able to go to my doctors as I do not feel comfortable going there as the doctor assistant knows my brother and his friends and I do not want it to get out until I am ready to tell people. I know I need to get checked out soon any advice on where else I can go apart from my doctors


  • Where are you from? I know where i am you do not need to see your GP when you are pregnant i looked up my nearest community midwifes and went to them at the clinic they hold x

  • Oh and anyone working in any kind of profession like that are not allowed to disclose anything about any patients if they know them or not you could have them sacked x

  • You have to be seen by a midwife quite soon, you need your dating scan. book an appointment with your GP and express your wish to keep the news for yourself at the moment. 

    you could also change your GP if you are really that concerned. 

    doctors and medical staff are NOT allowed to divulge any information about their patients. 

    Good luck, congratulations and I hope all goes well for you! Xxx

  • Oh, and I agree with the above comment- you don't need to be seen by your GP, only by a midwife; but all your medical records are visible to your GP.

    take care xxx

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