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Child-friendly cafe closes playroom because of noisy kids and 'disgusting' parents. Thoughts?


We've just heard about a 'child-friendly cafe' in Canberra, Australia, that has closed down its play area because of the 'disgusting' behaviour of the some of the parents and their out-of-control kids.

Ok, so some of the behaviour the cafe owner describes – like parents changing nappies on tables where other customers were eating (bleugh!) – sounds pretty bad.

But some of the other things she's cross about – like food being 'squished into the carpet' and kids 'screeching' as they play – do sound a bit like, well, the usual aftermath of a combination of children and play fun and food.

So it's made us wonder, what do you think owners of a child-friendly cafe should accept is just part and parcel of welcoming young children? And what is really just unacceptable?

If you take your children to a child-friendly cafe, would you worry about the noise, or the mess, they're making? Or not?



  • Changing nappies on tables is really revolting. I can't think of anyone who'd do that. But I do think you have to expect a bit of food on the floor if you run a child-friendly cafe. I do try to clear up any bits of food my children drop but I'm sure I've probably missed some.

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