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Trick or treat: like it or loathe it? Come and rejoice/vent here!


We're sure you all know that it's Halloween tomorrow (spooky noise) and, come early evening, loads of small costumed children will be knocking on doors, yelling, 'Trick or treat?' and holding out eager hands for sweeties.

And what we what to know if, what do you think of trick or treat?

Do you love it or loathe it? And why?

Please come and tell us. We'd love to know what you think!


  • I loathe it. Last year, my little one was 11 months and she used to love rushing to the door when it doorbell rings. But when she saw all the masks and stuff, she just screamed and screamed. It took me such a long time to calm her down.

  • I spend so long drumming into my kids *don't speak to strangers

    * never accept sweets from someone else 

    Why on earth do parents encourage their kids to go around knocking on strangers doors asking for treats!??

    I know lots only knock doors to people the know but at least half who knocked ours last yr we didn't know!

    I think the world today is to warped to allow kids to do this safely and my kids will never go trick or treating.

    For Halloween this year we have some DVDs, home made scary cakes and carving pumpkins to put in the back garden to scare the gnomes and any spooky visitors ( neighbourhood cats !)

  • Been cleared out tonight have to restock tomorrow should have got more now I have an unhappy 3yr old asking where her sweeties are...image

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