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Warner leisure hotel new advert??!!

Hello everyone, 

I may be the only one annoyed at this but I can't say how annoyed I am at Warner Leisure.

I understand that it's a hotel for adults and no kids allowed, I get that but what I don't understand is the way they make out children to be the nuisance. 

After watching the advert I had to rewind it because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. At one point in the advert the lady said "can you hear the pitter patter of tiny feed" no, and a sign of relief followed. Then another lady was looking to make sure there was not any children there. 

The advert is making out that children are a bother and this bothers me. It's company like these that make a presumption that all children disturb people's holidays.

please go and watch it!! I'm making a formal complaint as soon as I can!

Had to vent!

Emma xx 


  • Dear Emma,

    I have been watching and enjoying the Warner Leisure ads for a few months now and have occasionally wondered if there had been any online complaints from the "my children are the centre of the universe and have a right to do/say anything, and be anywhere they wish" brigade. Did a little research today and found your post.                                                                                                                                                              The good news is that I could uncover no other moronic posts of that nature on the internet which leads me to conclude that the majority of people recognise the fact that children, delightful as they are, have been ruined by overindulgent, self-centered parents and have no place in "grown up" society. I am glad that Warner Leisure have recognised that fact and by all accounts, they are doing pretty well out of it!

    Good luck to you and your brood!



  • Hello Salakia and welcome to MadeForMums.

    We just wanted to post to let you know that, although, of course, everyone is absolutely entitled to post their opinion, we do draw the line at personal attacks and posts that seem designed deliberately to inflame. Your post does sail a little close to that line at times.

    You clearly feel very strongly about this issue – and that's fine – but we'd like to ask you, please, when you post again, to remember that we're all parents (or parents-to-be) here, doing the best we can to raise our children.

    We may all make different choices about the way we do that, and we may all have different ideas about the kind of parent we'd like to be but part of what's special about MadeForMums Chat is that we treat others here – and the parenting choices they make – with respect.

    Being a parent is a tough enough job that the least thing we can do is give each other is some mutual support. We trust that you'll remember that if you post here again.

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  • Hi Emma,

    i know you feel very strongly about this but look at it from a grandparents point of view. from the way the advert is set out (or the one I've seen) it's possible they are grandparents who want a break without their grandchildren, which they are entitled too after all. Not everyone thinks children are a bother on holidays and my OHs family actively want to go away with the full family and all the grandkids and that's wonderful but (as an auntie a looooong time before I became a mum) being able to have 5 minutes peace without anyone demanding your attention is lovely.

    dont take it as a 'this company thinks all children are a bother' think of it as wow in 20 years times I might need one of them hotels! you're a mum but also a person, sometimes children help us forget that. 


  • Hi,

    In some ways I have to admit I hate these adverts too.

    I do understand the importance of child free space but this latest batch of adverts seem to purely be based on the premise that children are annoying. They all seem to feature grandparents that are going on about how fantastic the lack ofchildren is.

    All the actors keep raising the spectre of children then laughing about them being prohibited. 

    I understand the rules at Warner but surely they have more to offer than  just the lack of children. Ah well, I was never the target audience anyway.

  • I agree but then it's probably a good thing that their customers are kept away from children anyway ☺

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  • Wow, Sarahblod, I think you might have over-reacted slightly here! 

    I agree that the adverts are purely advertising adult only holidays and, if thats not anyones cup of tea, they dont need to go on one. I dont think the adverts make out that children are a nuisance or annoying, and wouldnt get offended if they did to be honest - I much prefer an adult only holiday to one with children running around the pool!

    But, that said,  I dont think there was any need to be so rude to the OP for having her own views on the matter! You cant speak to someone like that just because you dont agree! 

  • I agree that sometimes people do want a holiday without children around but what I find upsetting about the advert is that it depicts grandparents in particular who don't want their grandchildren around. As a grandparent who is denied access by her ex d-in-l I find it quite hurtful that we are being depicted as finding children annoying. I would give ANYTHING for my two grandsons to annoy me!

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