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Paris bombings: how do you talk about it all to your kids?


We'd love to hear from those of you with older children how you're dealing with questions from your kids about the Paris bombings.

We know it's really hard to know how to explain something as shocking as this to a child, so we thought it might help us all to share with each other the kinds of questions our children are asking, and the kinds of answers we've tried to give them.

Please do share your thoughts by adding a post to this thread. Thank you!


  • My 4 year old came home from school yesterday asking why 'bad people' make bombs. I didn't really know what to say! How do you explain terrorism to a 4 year old? 

  • Well i've not. My 6 year old is unaware of this atrocity right now. However, we often listen to the news on the radio in the car, and when someone has been 'made dead' as she says, she often asks about it. The problem is, my little girl has such a vivid imagination, she often has nightmares about these types of things, so i just want to protect her from it all as much as possible.

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