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am I pregnant

Am I  pregnant if I'm four days late what should i do? I have took to test they came out negative but I still have the sythomps of being pregnant I have sore boobs light cramping and my stomach is blowing I'm eating a lot and I'm always tired not sick to my stomach much 


  • try and take another test, maybe a clearable. They're never wrong. I found out before AF was due!:) 

    goodluck x

  • Can someone clear something up for me my period is 6 days late i have sore boobs and everything is turning me as in smells i did a test tonite and it came up positive am i really pregnant dont want to get my boyfriend excited if im not is it posible the test is wrong 

  • Hey karso. A postive is a positive. It's rare you get a false positive. 

    Keep me updated x

  • Yeah a test can not be positive unless you're pregnant. Congratulations!

  • Thanks for replying lisa i am 6weeks pregnant and am delighted xx

  • Aww that's fantastic. Best wishes to you and your partner xxx

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