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Buying furniture online in England

Hi guys,

Intro: I'm Karen, a single mum in Birmingham. (feel free to introduce yourself underneath!)

I'm looking to buy Oak Furniture online (as I don't have time to go in store to buy). Can anyone recommend me some places which will deliver to me (Birmingham, England). I already know that Oak Furniture will last me a long time so what really matters to me are 3 things;

1) Customer Service throughout the transaction
2) After Sales Support
3) Good delivery

More specifically, I'm looking for a dining table.

Price can be up to about £800 as I've saved up quite a bit of money. I also think that spending a lot of money on a one off occasion is better than having to replace crap furniture!!! If it's a little more expensive than that, a finance option would be a bonus (but not necessary)

The table needs to be able to accomodate up to 6 people...

Any recommendations?
Cheers image


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