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So, have you put your Christmas tree up yet?


We spotted the first few Christmas trees in house windows this weekend, and yep, we have to say, there's a fair smattering of tinsel around MadeForMums HQ today.

So, the big question is: have you put your Christmas tree – or any other Christmas decs – up yet?

If you haven't, please tell us when you're planning to.

If you have, please tell us all about it – and share a pic, if you like. We'd love to see!


  • No Christmas decs or tree yet for me! I think because my birthday was yesterday, and stepdaughters birthday this week, Christmas doesn't start until next week, even then I may not put the tree up. I love having the decorations and all Christmas, just not for weeks on end. 

    Maybe im a bah humbug ha 

  • Aw, happy birthday Gaeaf15!

    And I know what you mean. My youngest had a birthday last week, and we don't start Christmas till after that. (Pretends my sister doesn't really have a birthday in Christmas week!)

  • No I haven't put mine yet but am planning to do it this weekend.

  • Nope not yet! Just wondering how safe it will be with my 27month old run around and pulling all the pretty baubles...?

  • Not yet. Christmas decorations probably a week before Christmas and the tree on Christmas Eve. It has been a family tradition since I can remember 😊

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  • I have!! 

    Me and my OH are spending 2 weeks over Christmas with my parents in London (300miles away) so it was either get a Christmas tree now or not have one at all. 


    Its not much, but we've just moved into our first home together and this is our very first Christmas tree and i absolutely love it. It was all my OH idea to get one as well and we chose everything together, it makes me feel like we're becoming a little family :) 

  • Aw, it's lovely, Jojofrog! And congrats on the new home!

    (scatters tinsel everywhere)

  • So here's our tree - we put it up sunday, the toddler LOVED doing it so much. Word to the wise though, don't buy those chocolates that hang from the tree. Found my little girl sitting under the tree with 2 wrappers around her and a chocolate smeared face!


  • imageimage

    My tree has been up since the 29th november, first Sunday in advent 😀 it's crazy to think this time next year I will have a five month old (God willing and all fingers crossed!)

  • Here is our not so little tree! Always makes me laugh as when I bought it 2 yrs ago I got a great deal as it was ex display and had no box.  the guy in the shop carried it to my car for me and then I suddenly realised a 7.5ft tree and a small Audi TT are not the best fit! It took me 45 mins in B&Q car park to dismantle it and get it in the car!!  I was finding bits of tree in there for months!!


  • image Tree is up and decorations

    image Love christmas xx

  • had mine up for a week now, 18 month old has been fine, not even touched it, just told him its 'burny hot' like the radiators which he knows not to touch 😂 imageimage

  • image First tree in first family home! Added a few more decorations since this picture and changed topper from star to bow! 

  • Hi everyone, absolutely LOVING the trees! Rustic07, that's absolutely classic! I recently did the same thing with some Ikea furniture - had to beg their trolly guy to help me get it in my car!

    Please do keep sharing your trees. The more, the merrier!

  • imageimage

    Our tree this year xx

    my 3 monkeys love it xx

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