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How much of your Christmas shopping have you done?

Hello everyone.

Well, Christmas is almost upon us and we were wondering how much of your Christmas shopping have you done and how much do you have left?

Or are you a bit like HelenMFM who’s done absolutely NOTHING and is now in almighty panic?

Please do let us know by posting on this thread below! (BTW I’m about 85% done, but have NOTHING for my husband - any tips on what you've bought for your other half would be greatly appreciated!!)


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  • I would say 30% 😊 so a bit of panic here too 😂 

    I've made personalised Christmas tree decorations for everyone. My other half will get a spa day to treat himself (he works night shifts so that he can be around during day time) so he deserves it all. I also made him a photo frame with his and my little one's picture with the message "I LOVE MY DADDY TO THE MOON AND BACK" (What can I say, I'm into crafts 🙈). I ordered a personalised stamp with our hand prints to have for our Christmas cards and I have used those prints for bracelets too. I think prints on silver accessories are a lovely gift 😊 image

    I am going to order some books for my brother and sister in law, will order some nice truffles from a friend of mine that started her own cake business from home. That's it for the moment. 😀 xx

  • The bracelets are beautiful mirela,  did you make them? ☺.  I'm just in process of making something personalised fridge magnets with Elliotts picture on for his grandparents. 

    I'd say I'm about 90% there with my shopping. Thanks to online shopping I've been able to do much of it in the small hours while breastfeeding lol. I'm going to brave the shops with my 15yo and Elliott this evening and then with husband tomorrow. Then that shouldn't be it!

    For my husband I've found him some unique cufflinks and a leather storage box to keep them and his others in. Also golf trousers. And some 'daddy Pig' boxers from Elliott! 😄 

  • Thank you, sunny5, I wish I could make silver print jewellery, I would make a lot of money lol😂 But no, I have ordered them from a very special lady that comes to my local Kiddicare store every month to take the prints 😊 She does cufflinks too! I think I will order some for my other half's birthday 😀 thanks for the idea xx

    And you are right! Online shopping while breastfeeding is a life saver! 😀 x

  • All finished! I did the most of mine before having Cameron 8 weeks ago! 

    This girls on fire xxx

  • I am planning to buy Xmas tree and some lovely Christmas gifts for children this weekend.Suggest me if anyone has idea about gifts.

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