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Pregnant or not?


I need some help. I took a first response early pregnancy test yesterday afternoon and there was a barely visible second line. It was so light that I could have imagined it. It looked like an evap but during the correct time frame. This morning I took a clear blue digital test and it says negative. I am now 2 days late. What are your thoughts?

Thank you


  • I've read a lot about clear blue not being so sensitive.  Try another test in a day or so time, could still be a little early 

  • Thank you, I will try Saturday morning. I was hoping someone could relate. The waiting is terrible! 

  • I had some faint tests too, can relate to that.  My situation has got quite a lot more complex since where I've had faint positives, barely visable and negatives including a negative blood test.  My doctor dismissed my pregnancy tests as negative because they were faint. 

    Will yours show up in a photo you could upload to here? 

    I missed a period then had bleeding when it came to my next.  Some days I test and think I can see a line other days not.  I'm waiting to go for a scan as my doctor wants to check for polycystic ovaries.  A few of my hormone levels weren't what they should of been.  

    Do do you have any symptoms? 

    I hated the wait so I bought a bag of 50 pregnancy tests of ebay for £3.69 now I can test until my hearts content at that price.  I find it helps with the disappointment as when I wait there is more of a build up and expectation 

    this was one of my faint tests the doctor dismissed 

    image image

  • I do have some symptoms but not all of them. My breasts are tender (not unusual for me before I start my period) and my period is now 3 days late. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of the test because I was frustrated with not knowing if it was positive or negative but mine looked a lot like yours. All of the digital ones come up negative though. I plan to take another test in the morning to see if the same thing happens or if it's darker. Depending on the results and how I feel, I might make an appointment with my doctor to be safe.

    You said your doctor is checking you for polycystic ovaries, can that cause you to get faint positives? 

    I have had a lot of problems in the last year. I got diagnosed with cervical cancer and had several surgeries to remove the cancer. My family has a history of pcos and endrometriosis. I have not been tested for those though. 

    Thanks for your response!

  • No pcos and faint positives are unrelated.  He was looking at pcos because I missed my period originally and didn't believe I was pregnant.  Then from blood test he said some of my hormone levels were high, 1 of which was prolactin.  

    i took my tests with me to the second appointment, he glanced at them and said to him they were negative.  I always thought a line was a positive especially if it has colour and thickness (they say Evaps are grey from what I've read) I don't know, it's like a minefield.  

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