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Help tooth infection

Help Im 32 weeks pregnant and I have a severe tooth infection in my wisdom tooth , I was prescribed antibiotics but they caused extreme sharp stomach pains which was making me violently throw up. My tooth is so sore that I can't eat or sleep and I can occasionally keep down drinks, I can barely open my mouth to talk or move it but no one will touch it, the dentist says they can't do anything because I'm pregnant and the doctor says it's up to the dentist to do anything they won't give me any other type of antibiotics and won't refer me to have the tooth out, is there anything I can do or use to stop the pain a bit? 


  • Get some warm salty water and swirl it around your mouth for ages. It really does help and can get rid of the infection .  I know how you feel it is the worse, I've just had mine out luckily. Keep changing  it to fresh salt and water x

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