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sore chin

Hi there can any body give me some advice 7 months old has a nasty rash on her chest and under her chin due to her bottle feeding as the milk she leaks obviously runs down but I have tried all sorts of creams etc but nothing is helping it and now it must be itchy as she keeps scratching her chest which is not helping.any suggestions please. 


  • Hey my LO used to dribble a lot of his milk too. I put a muslin cloth between his chin/neck and the bottle so that would catch the milk. He also had a bib on. I wouldn't use creams, just clean milk up and make sure she's cleaned and dry (change clothes if they're soaked through) and the rash should clear up. If not then I'd go see the gp as it may be something else X 

  • Hi there I've been doing all of that but even then its not really  helping.thanks for your  help.

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