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Did you receive any weird Christmas presents? We did....

Hi everyone, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

We were just wondering if you received any weird or wonderful Christmas presents?
The reason we're asking is, my dad bought me a Philips Airfryer - basically a huge kitchen gadget (no room!) for frying stuff 'healthy'. Thing is, he not only bought me one, but my mum and my brother (who simply does not cook) one too. None of us actually want to keep it, but we're so afraid of upsetting him, we're all keeping them!

So, this had us wondering, did you get any gifts that made you think 'What on earth??'.Please do let us know by posting on the thread below.


  • You have quite a funny dad! 😊 

    I got nail clippers from my sister in law (part of her present) - still not sure why 😂 And she also got me a bottle of my favourite wine (I can't have alcohol, I'm breastfeeding!) - I think she just enjoyed the look on my face 😂 (her turn will come lol)

    My baby boy got some baby girl clothes from a family friend (all pink with little hearts on). Yes, really funny. 

    Otherwise, I must say, I got some pretty nice gifts this year 😀 Hope you did too x

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