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What are your hopes and wishes for 2016?


We thought you might like to share your wishes and dreams for the New Year – and let us know what you're hoping 2016 has in store for you.

I don't mind kicking things off by saying I'd love 2016 to be a happier, smilier year for my family that 2015 was (my mum died in June), and I hope that my three boys keep bouncing around with the kind of energy, enthusiasm and zest for life that's kept me going in the last 12 months.

OK, over to you! Please do let us know what your 2016 wishes are by adding a post to this thread.


  • Wishing you well for 2016!

    I am hoping for peace and serenity! Just happiness and health for my family, and more stabilty with my immediate family (my parents and brother are VERY hard work).

  • Thank you, Mrsg14 - and the same to you!

    Sorry to hear your parents and brother are hard work: it's funny how your nearest relatives can turn out so different to you, isn't it?

    Like the idea of serenity. I'll have some of that, please!

  • So sorry to hear that, Helen xx

    I wish that everyone is healthy and happy. And I wish that we'll finally be able to purchase our own home this year. Come on, 2016, be a good one 😊

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