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Birth control after baby?

Hi ladies, 

before I start I am well aware that all BC has different effects on people but I am wondering if anyone has tried cerazette? I have been advised to go  this and also kind of pressured back into BC since having my baby 10 weeks ago. 

Selfishly I know I need to go back on something as things are so lovely with my hubby "it" keeps happening BUT it ok me 8 months to conceive last time after being on the same pill mocroginon without a break for nearly 10 years and i was 15 when I started that due to heavy periods so I don't really remember how it made me feel. 

How I do not know but since having my baby 10 weeks ago I am at my thinnest I've ever been and am 6lb less than I was before I got pregnant. I feel amazing and even though if I was to put that back on it still wouldnt make me big at all I do not want to go back. I've read ALOT of articles saying that this pill makes you gain weight fast and very bad mood swings any experiences???? 

I know if I don't start soon an accident will happen but in scared to put hormoans back in me and don't want anything more LT such as coil  injection X 


  • Same problem here! I still haven't decided what to go for. I wish my partner could have something instead, wouldn't that be great lol 😂

  • Hi ladies,  So the BC problem!  I'm not quite in the situation of needing it yet (6weeks isn't quite long enough for me, things are still too recent!) 

    Cerezette (also prescribed as cerelle) is progesterone only (or mini pill) to be taken pretty much same time each day. It's safe to use when breastfeeding (unlike the combined pill). Like you say alba everyone has different experiences with different drugs.  the thing with the pill is the weight gain is usually due to an increase in appetite rather than the actual pill causing someone to put weight on. So in theory as long as you don't give in to your appetite and continue to eat the same then you shouldn't have any problem. I say 'shouldnt ' as there is always someone who has different view or experiences. Good luck x

  • Hi girls thank you  the feedback 

    they put me on the mini due to brestfeeding so that makes sence plus  have a family history of breast cancer young so less oestrogen is for the better. 

    I also feel kind of sad to be going back on bc my baby was planned and it's like the xoeriance of tryino is over X 

  • I know how you feel. I've been missing being pregnant! I know it's early days but are you having any more babies?  Elliott is going to be my last 😌

  • Hi, just wanted to say a little bit about cerazette,  I had it for 2 yrs and didn't have any cycles, I did put on weight although my food intake didn't change and even slimming clubs struggled to loose the lbs!

    When I stopped to TTC I had horrendous side effects - for about 8 weeks! 

    My gp also advised me at this point it can take upto 2 yrs for it to be cleared from your system and regular cycles to return so if TTC is in the future I'd say don't go this way and use something else. It took us almost 2 yrs and a mmc to get pregnant so I'm not a fan, the side effects when u miss a pill( didn't happen often but even if one was late ) were bad too.

    I know some who didn't have a problem but after looking online - forums on here too - its a nightmare pill. Think carefully!

  • That's such good advice! 

    I know I posted this a while ago ladies  but to update I decided not to go back onto contraception. 

    I am 100% having more babies I can't wait not yet obviously however being off the pill is the best  have felt since my teenage years, I'm still in the best shape physically and mentally of my life and I now realise how much of an impact the pill had on my life before. 

    since I posted this quite soon after baby I've been talking a bit more openly to mums and I am surprised to hear that  much higher majority of mums choose not to go back on the pill. 

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