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David Bowie :( What are your favourite Bowie songs?


We know this has nothing to do with babies and bumps but we're all a bit shocked here at the MFM office by the death of David Bowie – and we thought some of you might be, too.

If so, here's a little thread where we can chat about the sad news and share our favourite Bowie songs.

I'm a bit of a Life On Mars fan myself. What about you?



  • Wild is the Wind.


  • Sound and Vision for me, and also Under Pressure. Had a little cry doiing the school run this morning when they played Under Pressure on the radio. What a terrible loss for music.

  • I didn't appreciate David Bowie as I was growing up, but in the last few years I started to really enjoy his music, and wondered why I had left it so long. In December when Elliott was just a few weeks old he and I had a little 'moment' to Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy in the early hours one morning. It was the first little dance we had and will always be a special memory. Even more poignant now David Bowie has passed away.

  • that's lovely sunny5. my favourite has to be the ground control to major tom one.

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