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How long was it till you were ready to have sex again after giving birth?’

Hi everyone,

We know this can be a little bit of a hot potato topic, but we were wondering how long was it until you were ready to have sex again, after you gave birth?

We know everyone can feel differently, with some ready to leap back into action very quickly, and others not so much! We also think there’s a lot of nonsense out there about how everyone’s doing it again within weeks of the birth or possibly never again after experiencing labour!

We thought it would be nice if you fancied sharing - honestly - how it was for you, so we can see how different it is for everyone and feel reassured that we’re ALL quite normal after all!

Please do share your thoughts by adding a post to this thread.



  • I remember with my first, it was 6 weeks - and it hurt like hell and we had to stop as a result - I had so many stitches after my first, and she slept with us in the same room, so it didn't make a productive sex life!

    After my second - NO IDEA! Is it bad that i have zero memory of doing it after the second baby?

  • I didn't have any stitches with either if my girls and wanted to do it right away 😆 So 4 weeks with second when I stopped bleeding! cant remember with my First lol. 

  • After my first as I had stitches and I was so sore down below it was a good 3-4mths before we even contemplated trying, and it was still agony so I think we then waited another few months. 

    2nd baby was no stitches but still sore after pushing out a 8lb 12 1/2oz baby in 6 minutes lol!! About 6 weeks after we tried but was wtill sore, he's now 11 weeks and we have probably had sex 3/4 times since then. Tbh this time round I've really lost all sex drive :( hopefully it will return soon x

  • I had a c section so once i had stopped bleeding and was on my feet again the love we had for our child made our connection so close we did it straight away and our sex life never been so good since! X 

  • Had a natural birth and quite a few stitches.

    Didn't have sex til 3 months after birth and it wasn't painful at all

    But felt weird compared to post birth sex lol x

  • Unfortunately I had an episiotomy which was done badly so it was 7 months until it wasn't so painful to have sex.

  • My first daughter I had an episiotomy so really didn't feel like it for at least 6 months and it is still a bit painful during sex even now

  • I had surgery and stitches so we waited 5 months. I was so scared it would hurt or that I was damaged from having a vaginal birth. It was all in my head, but took time to feel confident and that I would enjoy it.

  • I had a 2nd degree tear & have some painful scar tissue. It took 6 and a half months before I felt ready to try. My little boy has just turned 8 months, & i still tense up sometimes and have to stop because it's painful. I find a glass of wine helps me to relax and enjoy it more. 

  • It took us 4 weeks after my little one was born. Had a natural birth so I was a bit worried on how it would be, but everything was fine 😊 

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