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2 positive results 1 negative

Hi my last period was 5th jan, so i'm 4 weeks and 3 days gone, i tokk 2 pregnancy test, both came back positive. (even asked my partner to check, just incase my eyes were playing tricks on me, which even he confirmed that there were 2 lines, very faint). Started seeing a little bit of blood was ligt pink now brown, sorry for the detail, so took another 1 tonight but that 1 came back negative. I have no pain, but still feeling really tired and sick. Can anyone give me some advice please. Wrried sick and so scared. Can't have a early scan because i'm 2 early 


  • seeing a Doctor for a blood test may be best.  Otherwise taking a pregnancy test at home with first morning urine might help (strongest concentration is first thing in the morning usually) your probably only just coming up to missed AF, maybe hormones are just building up.  

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