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Wondering if anyone could just settle my mind

hi :) im currently  38 weeks and 2 days with my first baby. Had no problems with pregnancy so far. Had braxton hicks for past two weeks every single night (dull back pains and across bump) and head has been engaged since 37weeks  

Yesterday night I felt really strong movements from baby, most i have ever felt her move  and the movements felt quite uncomfortable and slightly painful like I was being elbowed in the stomach.... My bump has 'dropped' dramatically but I haven't actually felt any movement today and I'm slightly worried. Has anyone experienced this? 


  • It could be that she's turned into a different position so you're not feeling it so much. try having a sugary ice cold drink (like coke or orange juice), then lie on your side & see if you feel any movements. If you dont start feeling any i would def speak with your doctor asap or just go up to the hospital to get checked. Better to get checked out to make sure all is ok

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