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Who does your babysitting and how much do you pay?

Hi everyone,

We’ve just read an article from a woman in the USA who is complaining about how expensive babysitters are (around £15 per hour) and she's holding out for someone cheaper – but is she right? After all you are paying them to keep your child safe.

This had us wondering, how much do you pay for a sitter? Or do you only go out if friends or family babysit for you? And if you do pay someone, where did you find them?

Please do let us know by posting on the thread below.



  • I've never paid for a babysitter and don't think I would. I've only ever left my 2 with grandparents, aunt/uncle and very good friend once.  I used to do a lot of babysitting in my late teens and got about £20 for an evening. £15 ph seems excessive in comparison to the £4ph we pay a childminder during the day. I wouldn't  £15ph for them to sit downstairs whilst the kids sleep.

  • My kids have only been babysat by grandparents or family, no way would I entrust my most precious babies with a stranger - regardless of how much they charged......don't see why you would have a stranger look after your phone never mind your home and children!!!

    Me and hubby juggled jobs so there was always one of us home with them when they were little and this worked well until we had number 4 and then it was more financially sensible to have me at home and hubby working, I do every school run, and am home when the older ones get in from school and college.

    Socially we either took them with us or didn't go out if grandparents couldn't help.

    Today I'm alot luckier, our oldest is now 18 and loves babysitting.

  • Mine have only stayed with grandparents wouldn't trust anyone else 

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