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Am scared and confused

Hi all

I had a surgery to remove a lope in my uterus last November and since then my period ceased, the doctor prescribed Pregnacare for me am on the 4th day now and supposed to take it for 3 months, I am scared, could it be that something went wrong during the surgery or is it normal? Pls I need an advice on what to do



  • I thought pregnacare was just a vitamin rather than a medicine 

  • It's possible for surgery to affect your cycle but am confused as to why your Dr would prescribe you pregnacare unless they believe you pregnant.

  • I agree.  As to your comment on the other page Licia About what you should take, only a Doctor should advise that.  You should get a second opinion or ask your Doctor

  • KazzieM I also don't know why my doctor prescribed Pregnacare for me, please do you have any idea on what drugs I should take? Thanks a lot 

  • If they were trying to regulate your cycle then they would normally look at the contraceptive pill...

  • They can use a drug called provera to start your period and Clomid to help ovulation.  There are others but you need to speak to a Doctor 

  • Thank you KazzieM, but I have not seen the period for 5 months now, will contraceptive pills help, please I need urgent help cos am so worried 

  • Meme210: thank you very much....

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