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What does your child use as a comforter in bed?

Hi everyone,
We recently ran this story about a little girl who has a rather strange comforter - a large plastic owl (which is actually a lawn ornament, meant to scare birds!).

This got us thinking, what does your child use as a comforter in bed? And what did you use growing up?

Over here at MFM HQ, one staff member used to have a ‘Fafa’ which was a piece of disintegrating pillow case! Another of our staffers children, sleeps with her mum’s scarf (tied with a big knot in it for safety purposes!)

Please do come and let us know what your child likes sleeping with, and if you had a comforter growing up (maybe you still do!), do tell us what it was by posting on this thread below.




  • My son dosent really have a comforter he likes to sleep with a Teddy but it varies  on which one. I'm glad he dosent as when he was first  born while I sat feeding him my mum, my sister and his dad were all arguing about what teddy would be his comforter all saying the one they brought would be which is clearly a ridiculous arguement and they will get attached to whatever they choose. 

  • My daughter will be 4 in July and still has her 2 'blankies' (blankets) that's he's had since birth. She hates it when I wash them and they lose her smell. They are minging but she loves them x

  • image 

    My little one has buzz buzz! This is a Burts Bee comforter that was sent by family in New York. He only has it when he goes to sleep. Thinking we have made a mistake by choosing the one that can be replaced Easily! 

  • Hi ladies 

    no matter what I offer my son doesn't have a comfeter, part of me thinks it is cute to have one and another is secretly happy I won't have the terror of ever having to take it away.  X 

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