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Haven't had a period since giving birth

I gave birth 9 months ago I'm really worried I had the usual bleeding after after having him for 3 weeks then I haven't had any bleeding since I have the period cramps every now and again but nothing comes of it and I also have stomach pains during sex but only in a certain position, I didn't breastfeed he was bottle fed from day one I'm booked in for a scan next month I know I'm being stupid but I cannot stop thinking I've got cancer or something wrong it's kinda ruining my day to day life it's all I think about:/ pcos does run in the family though with my mum, sister and aunts having it.


  • It's quite normal for periods to wait a while before they come back. Usually it is associated with breastfeeding, as the hormones stick around, but that's not always the case... especially if you have started back on birth control?

    I myself have had my periods come back 4 months after giving birth and then this time it was 3 months after. But there are friends of mine that it took over a year for them to come back. It's perfectly normal. It's natures way of knowing that you are busy with a baby and therefore shouldn't be having another one quite yet! 

    I'm sure that everything is absolutely fine and the scan will reassure you, try not to worry x

  • I did breastfeed both of mine & both times I had no periods until 4-6wks after they were fully weaned off breast milk - 9mths with Eldest & 18mths with Youngest. 

    A large number of things can affect periods - pregnancy, hormone levels, contraception, illness, starting a new exercise regime, change of diet/calorie intake, stress...try not to worry without more definite answers 

  • Out of the blue I came on my period on Saturday! Never have I been happier to see a period haha! Thank you those ladies :) 

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