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Princess Charlotte turns 1 today! How did you celebrate your baby's 1st birthday?


It's Princess Charlotte's 1st birthday today (and doesn't she look cute in the new photo, taken by her mother Kate, Duchess of Cambridge?).

We don't know what the Cambridges have planned for Charlotte's 1st birthday, so we thought we'd ask you how you celebrated your child turning 1 instead.

Did you have a big old shindig? Or was it an altogether quieter affair? Were there presents and a cake? And how did the birthday girl or boy take it all? Did they enjoy the day (and the cake!) or was he or she, in the end, all a bit tired and emotional?

Do tell; we'd love to know!




  • With our first baby, we did a big party but she just cried most of the afternoon - too much noise I think - so with the second we just had the family round.

  • We had the grandparents over and a big chocolate cake. Her face when she tasted it! 

  • My first we went to the ball pool with freinds my second we had a party 

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