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Hi everyone,

I just found out I was pregnant yesterday and I'm only 18 so I was just hoping to gain some advice or support from people here..

I've decided I'm going to keep the baby, this is because I have a stable home which me and my partner live together in, we both have good jobs which will mean we are capable of financially supporting the baby and lastly because my head just keeps saying KEEP IT!

I dont know if its crazy to think of keeping a baby at my age but i just know there is no weay i could through with an abortion, (I don't have anything against people who chose to abort, however its just not something i personaly would be able to do without suffering lots of consequences)

I just feel as though I can do this? and i want to do this?

The main things that are worrying me are my age and the fact that me and my boyfriend have only been together for 7 months.. but then again my parents got pregnant 8 weeks after they met and they're still togetehr 25 years later so does that really matter that much?



  • Don't worry - crazier things have happened! It's happened before and it will happen again. Will people around you be supportive? That will be a huge help if they will. Good luck with everything!!!!! I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my first and although I'm 25 so a few years older, I can understand that it's a scary time. Good luck!!!!!!

  • Sounds like you've got your head screwed on.  I'm sure you will be fine.  I've known young mums to be very good Mums.  Age has no reflection.  There is no reason why it should be a problem for you. 

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