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Any one ????

Hi girls right I finally got help from the doctor I'm on metformin to help conceive and been on themy for a month now. Went for a scan to check every thing is OK and the lady said my womb is thicken by this point I was 2 weeks late I was hoping my period would show up for me next test I need to have but nothing :(. On the tuesday evening out with mum i done a test and it came back negiative, so on the 5th may I started getting these wired feeling in my tummy butterfly's like I'm nervous or worried but I'm not either if any thing the feeling is annoying lmao and it's still on going gggrrŕ yesterday I had this feeling all day and at around 12ish I felt a bit sick and I toke a bath when I came home then chilled after the bath I then got up from sofa not quick just normal speed and I then be came dizzy for a split 1 min or 2 and sat down I'm now 30 days late and still getting the odd period pain but nothing is coming up I'm just carrying on with my day to day thing and trying to forget everything but it's hard when u have this stupid feeling in ur tummy lol but I'm not getting any other symptoms so I'm confused and not sure what to do next 


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