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Term-time holidays: should the Government change the law? If so, how?


You may well have heard already about Isle of Wight dad Jon Platt, who refused to pay his £120 fine for taking his daughter out of school for a family holiday. He took the matter to court, and now the High Court has ruled in his favour.

The High Court judge agreed that the child's overall school attendance record was "satisfactory" and Mr Platt had no case to answer for taking his daughter to Florida during the school term. 

This judgment implies that any parent whose child has a "regular attendance" (at least 90% of school-term days) could now take their child on holiday in term-time for up to 19 days a year.

But the Department of Education has already said it will move quickly to "strengthen statutory guidance to schools and local authorities" – which sounds very much like the Government is going to change the law to make it even harder to take a child out of school for a holiday.

So, what do you think?

Should the Government change the law on term-time holidays?

And if so, how should they change it?

Should it be changed so that it's OK to take your child out of school for a term-time holiday if your child's attendance record is good?

Or should it NEVER be OK to for any parent to take a child out of school for a holiday?

We'd love to hear what you think on this one! Please do let us know by adding a comment to this thread. Thank you!



  • I think headteachers should be allowed to decide if your child can go on holiday in term-time. I think that's what they used to do in the past and it worked OK.

  • Holidays abroad or at home are wonderful experiences for children so why shouldnt children be allowed to go during term time? Imagine the wealth of writing which could be produced from such adventures. 

  • Hi Smileyface, we're so glad to see your name pop up! Please do come and let us know how you're doing on your April 16 Babies thread - we miss your posts, and we were wondering how Adam is too?

  • Have to say i'm very conflicted by this. I don't think the Government should be able to tell us when we can or can't take our holidays. But then the difference in price is so exorbitant, it might be the difference between a family ever taking a holiday together - so if they can't make holiday companies bring the costs down, then maybe people should be free to do as they wish. I really don't know the answer!

  • I think if a childs overall attendance is good then a term time holiday should be allowed. Perhaps a 5 day flexi time per child would be sensible rather than the blanket refusal that seems to be the policy

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