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Going on holiday with a 10mth old, what tips and advice for travel pls?

Hiya, I am going on holiday in 3 wks with my 4 yr old and my 10 month old,

I am looking for advice on what essentials I will need to take and also tips for managing the flight ?

He is a feisty little monkey and I am just not sure how he will cope not being mobile for the duration of the flight!

Thank you x 


  • This was me last year with a 9month old and a 5 year old.
    We had a 4hour flight, but the baby was too young for the ipad, though great for my older child.
    So, we fed the eldest wine gums on the plane which sent her crazy - maybe avoid that!

    We made sure we had plenty of snacks for the whole week, so around the pool they could have squeezy fruit pouches, mini packs of biscuits, some sweeties. We took sticker and colouring books, play doh (played with this in the hotel room).

    This holiday was awesome for my baby as she was really struggling with food, and i reckon the constant flow of food (we were all inclusive) really helped her learn to eat. Do make sure you take full advantage of kids club if they have one where you are going.

    You'll need to take plenty of wet wipes, nappies, swimming nappies and nappy sacks, pop over the head towles as the kids sometimes get cold coming out of the pool (Primark!), if you're doing the beach, take talcum powder as if you rub that on sandy bodies, the sand just drops off.

    For the plane, sticker and colouring books again, headphones for the ipad, and some sucky sweets for your eldest incase their ears pop.

    Hope this helps and have a wonderful holiday!

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