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Homeless and 33 Weeks Pregnant


I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant and homeless. My local council (in London) have placed me in an emergency accommodation at a bed and breakfast. 

It's a double room with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. It's definitely not the nicest of places especially whilst being pregnant. I know that legally the council cannot keep me there longer than 6 weeks. I honestly don't know how much longer I can stay there.

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and I feel living there is making my symptoms worse. I can't eat properly, the shower is vile, the toilet is always blocked and my bedroom has severe water damage. I am trying not to stress myself out as I'm in my third trimester. I really hope baby doesn't come whilst I'm still there because it's definitely not suitable. 

Has anyone else been placed in emergency/temporary accommodation? 

What was your experience like? 

Were you rehoused in the end and if so how long did the process take?

Any advice is much appreciated, thank you x


  • Could you invite your housing officer to visit and see the problems with this place as it might not be as fit for habitation as they think.  Also with regards to health try to involve your Doctor and midwife and any psychiatric nurses or Doctors you see to prove this place is causing you further health issues

  • I'll definitely give that a try, I see my housing officer in a couple of days, so I will ask if he can arrange a visit.

    I will also let my GP/Midwife know to see if they can support my case. 

    Thank you x 

  • Your welcome, good luck 

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