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Scared: need reassurance from mums.

Seems a bit odd putting this is general chat, buy I realised that posting in  TTC board might not be very productive, and when I posted in a babies board I got no responses, so I'm hoping 3rd time is the charm. 

I'm putting myself through a really tough time at the moment as we embark on TTC our first. I'lloyds cut a long story short and simply say that I was unlucky enough to have a ex 'overlap' me with another girl/s and give me chlamydia in my uni days. I had it anywhere between 8 or 3 months. I had bad UTI symptoms which alerted me to an issue and prompted me to get tested.  I'd been tested (clear) early in the relationship, hence I can pin point max time I'd had it. I was treated and no Dr mentioned PID or it having progressed- I was unaware of the condition and didn't ask if it applied to me. I was throughly examined though.

I'm crying nearly daily because I'm petrified and paranoid that I am infertile because of having had it. The media and information is predictably and understandably really negative- emphasising risks to fertility so as to stop girls being irresponsible/ encourage ppl to get tested. I understand that, but it battering my PMA rapidly.  

Are there any mums out there who have had chlamydia or PID in the past and later got pregnant successfully? I know ppl may be embarrassed by this topic, and I know how cheeky it is of me to ask, but It would really mean a lot to me (and my partner,  who is the loveliest chap and is running out of ways to comfort me). Or maybe you know of someone who has and you could share their story anonymously? Please let me know there is hope!

Ally x


  • Sorry for a couple of typos. I'm a bit upset and didn't notice to correct them! 

  • Hi,

    I can't help you very much as I haven't experienced what you're going through but have you been diagnosed with PID? Do you have problems with your cycle etc? I know somebody who caught chlamydia 3x and although she doesn't have children she was worried about infertility and she had various tests to conclude there is no medical reason she couldn't conceive and carry naturally. 

    sorry that I've asked more questions than given you answers but I didn't want to just read your thread and run as I see you're struggling for responses.

  • Thank you for acknowledging!  

    No don't seem to get many responses really- too many stigmas attached to it all and I think even ppl who have been through it don't want to associate themselves with an STI on a forum!  It's fair enough really.

    No diagnosis of PID and I doubt I had it really.  Apparently I would be well aware of it as the pain can be quite intense and wouldn't go with a simple single antibiotics treatment. There's always those Internet stories of girls who were oblivious they had it and it ruined their fertility without even a twinge out of the ordinary. Logic (and doctors) say they are rare as a blue moon and probably downplaying symptoms they had, but emotions run high when TTC and im definitely guilty of letting my imagination run away with said logic. 

    I have long cycles and do ovulate- confirmed through OPKs and doctor ran a blood test for ovarian function. Just waiting for AF now really. She is due tomorrow on day 40 of my cycle. 

    Good to hear you friend had an all clear though! Presumably she was trying for a baby? 

  • Yes I suppose a lot of people wouldn't admit to it online.

    Actually my friend wasn't trying for a baby, she had symptoms of PID that could have also possibly been things like endometriosis. she knew she wanted children in the future, so did investigations to rule out any conditions and whilst they did that it showed no medical reason to have fertility issues in the future. She had pelvic pain and pain during sex but no diagnosis was made. Symptoms eventually disappeared And she felt more relaxed knowing there was nothing wrong.

    I know all about reading internet stories,  its the worst thing for inducing anxiety. 

    How long have you been trying now? 

    From what you've said so far, I would say at the moment you should be ok to conceive naturally. without any syptoms to ask the doc about, time is the only way I'll think you'll get an answer. 

    I know i haven't been able to help as such but I'm hoping I've given you some kind of reassurance? I think the most important thing is to relax and enjoy the 'trying', easier said than done, i know. 

    :-) xx

  • How bizarre! The reason it's even back on my mind is because iv had some pains recently and am being investigated for endometriosis. Iv been cleared for PID as no current infections butled me to find out about it and felt like the past was dredged up. Very similar scenario. I have a meeting with a gynae in 2 weeks about endo so am going to mention my concerns then. Hopefully arrange some scans and poss a laparoscopy to determine what's going on.

    Only just decided to start trying and have really long cycles. AF came today- 40 days bang on. I used to love having cycles far apart but now feel very differently, feels like this is going to be a long road!

    I am so so grateful for you giving me the time of day really. I've been on my own all of today and that's when my paranoia really takes hold- I have too much time to think and panic. Just someone trying to help means the world. I feel like I can't talk to 'real' friends because it's private and I don't want their judgement or to look a fool. Keeping ttc on the quiet until we know what we are dealing with.  

    Thank you. Xxx

  • I think when your trying or fall pregnant you convince yourself of all the negatives and not the positives!!!!!

    im sure you'll be absolutely fine and I'm sure I spoke to a girl afew months back in the same position as you!!!

    its nothing to be embarrassed about but the more you get anxious the harder your body will make it for you to have a baby..there could be a million reasons including your partner- don't ever blame yourself and don't beat yourself up!! What's done is done and when the tom comes you will be an amazing mummny

    i find that positive affirmations and happy thoughts will get you far.. all my love x

  • I think you are right. I am trying really hard to stay positive and assume the best now. 

    Spent so long trying to 'protect' against pregnancy, and now I'm trying to play the sperm whisperer! We are only on cycle 2 (first one I didn't really know anything about timing etc)- with 40 day cycles it takes a long time and that means time to worry! 

    Appreciate your kindness so much. 

    Thank you! Xx

  • Bumping for more reassurance as it has been 10 months and still not a whiff of a a bfp. I would really appreciate any experiences you may have with this- understand if it's not some hint you want to openly admit to but a private message could be done? I realise how demanding and selfish that is. Just having a bad day after another bfn and another uni friend another mounting a pregnancy on same day as another friend gives birth. 

  • Hello. 

    I'm 19 years old I done a pregnancy test yesterday 28/5/17 it was positive. I had sex with my partner last night and when I went to the toilet today when I wiped there was a light pink/ brown on the paper but later today there was red like a period. Can any one help please. 

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