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Social workers

hi I really need some help my four children are on child protection because my house is not fully decorated and I took my child into hospital with a bump to head and a bruise on his ear and I got the blame saying I was hitting him I'm due to court this month to have my children removed from my care but only two are with me as I sent two to three dads for weekend visits and he didn't bring them back there is a big conspiracy going on as my social worker who is meant to help me and deal with things happening in my life is wirking with both fathers instead of me I feel as though she has something against me and just wants to remove my children for no reason they are loved and clean and cared for she says she has evidunce for court which I haven't seen and I think she is going to tell slot of lies i dunno what I can do about it as social workers are always believed I would never hurt my children 


  • The hospital staff are trained to identify how bruises are likely to have come about (child being gripped too hard, child being hit, child falling onto something...) so they must have been bad bruises.

    Social workers risk losing their job if they submit 'evidence' they know holds no weight. They will more likely be going with facts provided by the Dad & possibly even the children themselves. Be as open & honest as you can be with both SS & the courts, they don't make the choice to remove lightly

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