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Opinion on which father!


I'm trying to gather what people think on my question as I don't have many people I can ask. 

I've been told I conceived on the 25th May. I was with someone on the 16th May. And someone else from the 18th and after. I've been told by a doctor that the guy on the 16 could still be the father. I find it hard to Believe it's such a gap is it not? 


  • It is a big gap, so unlikely. But the doctor is telling you this because the conception date could easily be wrong by a couple days. Unless you chart your bbt or have some other very obvious ovulation sign and know the exact date you ovulated, the only way to know could be by dna test

  • Hi. Thanks for your reply!

    Well the conceived date is going by how many weeks I am. Ive already been for a scan so I know the exact date! When I went to see him last time before my scan the conceived date was earlier as he worked it out from my first day of my last period. But that turned out not to me correct as I ovulated later image

    Just wish I knew now so I'm not playing the second guy around. His the one that would stick by me for his baby.... The first guy is complicated. He wouldn't be there. 

  • When was the first day of your last period, are your cycles regular and how long are they? 

  • That would be the 7th May. I've been on the pill for so long and had only just come off. But from what I know it's about 29/30 days. 

  • Ahh ok. Scans aren't fool proof, they can be out a few days easily. what the doctor says is very true, it could be either man judging by those dates and assuming ovulation mid cycle it could go either way. Sorry - you may need to get a dna test

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