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c section caused by doctor hospital with no power will i be entitled to nhs tummy ?

ello i am 21 years old and have had a beaitiful baby boy 8 months ago...

i was Having contractions at home so head of to hospital and when i got i had a room and really wanted to push and push but midwives and doctors told me not to push as they wanted to transfer me to a different hospital as the one i was at they had a power cut off when i got there i had to go up stairs as lift wasnt working due to no electrity and inwas in so much pain i just wanted to push !! I had been at this hospital without power for more than 5 hours and they would not let me push at all i was in much pain ! They had to inject two injections to stop the contractions so that they could transfer me to bromley hospital !! When i got there i was not having no more contractons there for i was not delating no more the injections had stopped me from giving birth totally inwas so scared and i didnt know what to think ! I was there for more than 13 hours dor them then to tell me i was going to have a c section becuase baby was breech ! All lies baby was in right position i had been to doctors 1 week before birth !! That was the excuss they given me to do a section as the onjections stopped me from wanting to push and dailating !! I am now left with a horrible scar that i cannot even look at my self in the mirror no more i am just horrible i am going to gym but the belly hang wont move :( 😥😥😢😢 i am so upset and depresssed its unreal 

i went to check tummy tuck but they are so expensive incant afford it 

is there any chance that with my birth story i get tunmy tuck on nhs?? 😥😔talking about this just makes me want to cry and not get out the house as i feel everyone is looking at me 

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