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Am I being stupid?

hey guys, 

this is my first time on here, so a total new bee, but I have a very controversial question.

my boyfriend and  and I really want a baby but I'm only 18 and he's 22 but we both want a child before we both turn 25 as we want to be able to play with her/him, as she gets older as both of our parents of the later gen and never really got invold, we are both financially stable but don't have our own flat or house. 

Do do you think we should wait till we have our own house so we don't be a berdon on his mum, and also do you think we are way to young and should wait a couple years ??

Thank you in advance 


  • Hi I don't personally think you are too young if you have truly thought about it. Becoming a mother at any age is a shock to the system and its a very very hard job. You must make sure you are ready to put someone (your baby) first at all times. Motherhood is not for the faint hearted. in respect to your house situation have you asked your partners mother if she would mind having a tiny baby around bearing in mind the crying for a feed in the night and all the other things that come along with babies. If you don't have your own home you may find that harder to achieve once having a child. if you trul have thought about the whole thing realistically then go ahead as parenting is not always about being able to run round with your child. best of luck to you in whichever choice you make xx

  • Hey my boyfriend's mum is sometimes more excited about haveing a grandkid than us. ☺ and we had a scare a coupe mouths back and she said that she would help us and thatv he doesn't mind about it, and thank you for the reply as it was quite helpful xx

  • Your welcome good luck xx

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