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Your child’s birthday: would you give your other kids a present too, so they don’t feel left out?

Hi everyone,

We’ve been having a bit of a debate about children’s birthdays - if you have more than one child, do you give your other children presents on their siblings birthdays, so they don’t feel left out? 

Please do come and let us know what you think by replying on this thread. We’d love to hear if you think this is crazy, or normality! 




  • No we don't! We explain to the other children that they get presents on their birthday and their brother/sister don't. It's never been an issue in our house X

  • If my kids make 365 carefully selected friends and apply that logic further, then they would feel entitled to gifts every day, just because someone else was celebrating a birth anniversary.

    If I encouraged that, then I would have to accept responsibility if my kids grew up to announce at other people's weddings that they felt left out and felt entitled to accessing gifts too. Or worse, that they felt entitled to the bride or groom.

    I consider teaching my kids a lesson like that to be a cruel thing to do.

  • My nan gave us (my sister and I)  'un birthday' presents, (just a small novelty item, a picture she'd drawn or something she had made). It always gave us a laugh. There was no expectations just eager anticipation. She carried on doing this until we were adults!! As a family tradition my mum continued this for her grandchildren. My two eldest (now 16 and 19) see it as a bitve fun. (Elliott is a bit little yet).  I am looking forward to doing the same for my grandchildren when they come along!

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