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4mm foetus no heartbeat

Hiya ladies just a few concerns wondering if anyone has been through similar. 

I should be 8weeks pregnant sat just gone when I noticed Brown discharge when I wiped and was receiving cramps mainly in my left side. So I called the midwife she told me go get checked out. After being checked by the nurse she said everything looked normal and booked me in for a scan to make sure everything was OK. 

I went for the scan I  Tues they couldnt see anything on the exterior  scan so they did a internal one were everything looked OK apart from my baby was only measuring 4mm and they couldnt find a heartbeat.  

Since googling for many of hours 4mm and no heartbeat is quite common from a 6week old baby what are the chances my dates are wrong and I ovulated later than what I was suppose to. 

I have got to go back next Friday for a re-sign fingers crossed there will be some growth and a heartbeat. 

Everyday so far feels really long. 


  • So I had my 12 week scan last Friday I thought I was 11 and a bit weeks turned out I was only ten so I have to go back next week for my actual 12 week scan. I was on the pill and really didn't know when my last period or withdrawal bleed was so took a guess it still sits in my head that I should be further along then I am but can't argue with the scan lol good luck for the rest of ur pregnancy 

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