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Studying while pregnant or taking time off

Hi my name is Hayley, i am 27 and currently in my 2nd year of university full time. I have 4 years to complete all up. I have been married for 7 years and the plan was to do 2 years of uni, take a break have a baby and go back. Now that i have been working hard and getting into a routine i am considering falling pregnant in my final year to give birth once I'm done, than i can go straight into my career when I'm ready. What I'm finding really hard is to decide whether to be pregnant in my final most stressful year or to take a year off and then go back to study with a 1 year old.  I am worried that if i wait to final year and am pregnant i could be quite ill, tired, stressed and distracted in my busiest year. I am also worried that if i take a year off it may be very difficult to study and have a child. Does anyone have any advice or experience that may help?

Thank you 


  • I personally think study with a child will be harder then being pregnant and studying. With my first I didn't want to get out of bed because he was a bad sleeper.i went to college with a couple of girls who fell pregnant but carried on even after baby was born until they had completed the year. To be honest no right or wrong time but I would definitely say for me having a child to look after its harder to find time to do things 

  • I believe as kyriex2 said there is no good or bad time for a baby. I only depends on how you feel about it :) Take your time to take this lifetime decision :)

  • Like said, take your time and think, because it;s a very important decision of your life. Take care!!

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