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H,i would just like to say how great the MFM`s competitions are. You really do offer some lovely prizes. I have had 4 children, that are now grown up, and have kids of their own. I now have 6 grandchildren. 2 of these being 9 month old twins. I have found this site to be very informative, espiecally when my daughter was pregnant with the twins. Although it was an exciting time, it was also a worrying time. I have looked on here many times for information, regarding all grandchildren who`s ages range from 9 months to 10 years. Once again thank you. I always enter the comps as money is tight for everyone at present and you never know you might just get lucky. Good luck everyone.


  • Hi shazza1928,

    Thanks so much for your message. It's great to know the site is useful for you and that you enjoy entering the comps.


    X MFM team X

  • Hiya, i love entering the competitions too they are such good prizes i love the excitment of possibly winning, i make it my Wednesday ritual before work i log on to MFM's and it perks me up for the day ahead.  I am passing my magazines onto my sister who is 18 weeks this week so she can have a monthly treat with no expense.

    love Rachael

  • Keep it up guys! X MFM team X

  • yes i certainly agree iv just been named as reader of the month and am so happy iv told everyone i know iv won the buggy i just love made for mums its the best web site i know im on here every day ! x

  • My daughter has 13 month old twins, so hoping for a win or two for them, to save for Christmas.

  • Yeah I agree, comps r gr8 and theres always hope I myt win a special treat for my lil boy!!
  • Hiya, would like to say that I have just received £30 iTunes vouchers and the promise of a Stratego game that I won from one of your competitions. Lovely surprise, am well pleased

  • I actually found this site from, they had listed a competition from here on their website.  It was a great find.

  • I won a competition recently I'm not sure of its from this site? A my 1st years personalised  star blanket and bear set 

  • Hi kelz23xx, all the winners from the competitions that have run on MadeForMums for the past 3 months can be found here. We have to say this one doesn't sound all that familiar though. Do you have any further information? 

  • A box turned up today with a my 1st years blanket personalised and a teddy personalised we rang them coz I don't remember entering a competition for this n was told on the phone I won it 

  • Congratulations on your win kelz23xx, but we're not sure if it was from us. We'll do some more investigating at this end to see if it was us. 

  • Thanx it was just puzzling us we don't remember entering lol 

  • How do I win something? Addicted to competitions lol

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