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Threatened miscarriage

So my last period was may 23 2016 that makes me 9 weeks pregnant. I started bleeding July 27 2016 and went to the er they gave me an ultrasound and it says im 4w5d and my hcg is at (502) the doctor said it should be at (1000). They checked my cervix and it's closed. Doctor told me I'm having a threatened miscarriage and wants me to have my hcg levels checked in three days to see if they are doubling. On July 28 2016 my cramps and bleeding have slowed down I can go 8 hours and not have to Change my pad with just half the pad covered. I go in tomorrow to have my levels checked. My questions are. Is 502 a bad number for being 5 weeks pregnant? And does the cramping and bleeding going away mean I passed the baby or that the miscarriage stopped and I'll have a healthy pregnancy? I have been resting and not walking around or lifting anything for 24 hours the only time I cramp is when I stand up. I did pass a few small clots of blood. Please help me this is my second pregnancy my first son is 1y2m

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