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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? (No, we’re not kidding!) 

Hi everyone,

We know the sun is out and we’re in the midst of our summer, but we’re reliably informed that some people apparently start looking for Christmas presents from August. So we were wondering, have you even thought about Christmas shopping yet? Are you perhaps squirrelling gifts away in the loft in the run up to December? Or do you think this is just crazy talk, and you don’t even think about Christmas for at least another three months? 

Please do come and let us know by posting a reply on this thread. 



  • Most Christmas presents brought for friends and family, wrapped gift tagged and bagged up with cards written out, park vouchers  yesterday so a trip to toys r us for the kids and we're done, never this prepared but with having  second child last year and moving house in  next 2 months it had to be done haha x

  • OMG Vicky, that is INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • I have sum gifts in I am late this year as just had wee Ollie 3 weeks ago x

  • If anyone knows of where the sales and deals are keep us posted I will do the same .all I know at min mother care online have a sale x 

    I norm start about September and guess we are nearly there not long off now x

  • Hi everyone, as soon as i saw this post I couldn't help but get involved - I am Mrs Christmas!

    I am an only child and Christmas is a very big deal for my family! my son Hugo-Blaze was only 8 weeks old last year so this year he will be far more engaged and I cannot wait, for him I am pretty much finished I started shopping in March and I am so exited to get wrapping closer to the time. great stocking fillers around this year and we have already booked to see Santa as well. I go mad and i am not ashamed to say it :) x

  • Alba it's so exciting isn't it .I love Xmas too 

  • OMG, are you all serious? I can't believe you have presents bought and wrapped already! I can't even think about Christmas now - we haven't even been on our summer holiday yet.

  • Too focused on the 'Back to School' shop at present but Christmas shopping will usually start September time

  • I have!!! Mainly because I am expecting twins in the very near future. I have two little girls already and a nephew and niece to buy for! I do NOT want to forget anyone's birthday or christmas while I am busy busy busy!!

  • Hey

    I love crimbo, but must confess i have done no early shopping yetimage, just not had the time to with working and trying my best to get some money coming in but i have so many birthdays to get through i have 5 little ones and my youngest is 1 this november, but i always manage to get there presents and house looking great, at least this year am not cooking haha xximage

  • I'm terrible for it I usually start Christmas shopping in the january sales 🙈 I started really late this year though which I now regret as I have my 3 kids bdays 3 siblings bday 2 party's to pay for  and Xmas for a big family 🙈🙈🙈 

    fyi tesco And Argos have good sale on at the moment 

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  • Hello :) I've started my shopping about 3 months ago,  I've finished shopping for my little one. I'm hoping to finish getting for all the family by the end of this month. I usually am all done and wrapped up by end of November :) xx

  • Evening ladies, well we are officially all set for Christmas presents, we buy all the kids bits from Smyths when they have the 20% off in store. They are all currents hiding in attick, as for family and friends I buy tons of gifts sets every year in the boots Boxing Day sale then put them in the top of the closet and divvy them out on birthdays and Christmas. For the food shop i put £20 every month from January onto the Christmas saver with tesco that way it dosent come as a big shock to the purse and we can indulge on things we wouldn't usually get. Love being prepared and organised makes the christmas season more enjoyable :)

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