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Clothes for boys hell!!


I am new to the site and i am a mum of one. I find it really hard to shop for my son, Elijah. There just isn't enough affordable, fashionable clothing for boys. Every shop i go into, it is always the same. One small section for boys and the rest of the shop is full of pretty girls clothing! So frustrating!! Do you have the same problem? And everything has skulls on it!! I want to make a change! And have decided to make my own designs. Does anyone want to join me in making a change?


  • Good on you I say!! Before I had my son, my boyfriend and step son complained non stop there was hardly any clothing in their section in the shops and it was all girls. I never really took much notice! In the past 2 years I have become more and more frustrated with the lack of choice. Good luck in your mission!! If you want any opinions on your designs etc then give me a shout!!
  • Thank you Erica. Would you interested in joining a focus group i am putting together to look at my products?

  • Hi, yes I am more than happy to. I am in the northwest does that make any difference?
  • Thats great. I will be holding them in different areas so that shouldnt be a problem. I will keep you posted as to when. In the mean time, if you send me your email address , i can send you some information and if you know any other mums, i would be grateful if you could send it to them also. Many thanks

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